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We try to make as many sustainable choices as possible. Our motto is that every little bit helps.

Water saving

We live in a region where water is scarce. That is why all taps and showers in the guest rooms are equipped with a water-saving system. We also appreciate it very much if our guests take this water scarcity into account when, for example, taking a shower or limiting the laundry due to the multiple use of the towels.

We have installed several water filters in the water management of our B&B, making the water perfectly drinkable. The honesty bar always has cooled bottles of drinking water that guests can use without restriction. These reusable glass bottles help to reduce the purchase, use and waste of plastic bottles.


In addition to the reduced use of plastic, we also separate this waste stream as much as possible. Our guests can also dispose of their plastic bottles, cans or other plastic packaging material separately. We will then ensure that it ends up in the correct waste containers for recycling.

We hope to be able to realize even more sustainable adjustments in the future, such as installing solar panels.

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Published 23-07-2023 / Copyright © Boutique B&B El Refugio